Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy Holidays

"This is America - Say Merry Christmas!" 

Allow me to break down this completely ridiculous phrase real quick... 

Sure - this is America. A country made up of so many diverse backgrounds, cultures, and - you guessed it - religions. So I ask, why should we then be expected to only say Merry Christmas when there are so many people around us who don't celebrate it? You can say it's the "majority" but that doesn't make it unanimous. This is America - land of the FREE. As in, freedom of religion. As in, freedom to not have to be subjected to Christianity and it's practices if individuals so do choose because we (SURPRISE) don't have a national religion. I thought this was clear in my third grade history book, but maybe a lot of people skipped that chapter...

I'm not asking you to go around and say "Hey, which holiday do you celebrate so I may wish you a happy-whatever and not offend you." I'm asking you to just say "Happy Holidays" because we already have a phrase that takes the place of that completely unnecessary question and still allows you to wish others well during this season. You could always give "Season's Greetings" a test drive if "Happy Holidays" is just not doing the trick for you. 

And I'm not saying you shouldn't say "Merry Christmas" to someone who you know celebrates it. I'm just saying if you don't know just stick with the ever-so-inclusive "Happy Holidays." And no it's not because I'm a spineless liberal - it's because I'm a Christian who can acknowledge that not everyone believes what I do, but I'm happy to encourage them to celebrate whatever holiday resonates with them this season and I hope that they start the new year happy and healthy. Now isn't that what we all should want for everyone? 

So this year instead of squinting your eyes and saying "Merry Christmas" to someone who wishes you "Happy Holidays" - how about you just say "You too." Cool, glad we could agree on that.

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