Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hire Me... I'm Begging You

I never thought that looking for a full time job would be so hard. Everyone always said, "Go to college. Get a degree." And that's what I did. I dedicated countless hours and thousands of dollars worth in debt to get this mystical piece of paper that people told me would be my only ticket to a happy, successful life.

The job search process is hands down one of the most crushing experiences. You consistently sell yourself for things just to get rejections weeks later when you forgot you ever applied. You write countless cover letters. Read your resume so many times you wonder if you'd even hire yourself. My search honestly made me question my sanity at some of the lowest points.

If you're lucky like me and eventually find something - it can make the search finally seem worth it. But before you reach that point it can seriously make you question everything. What you studied. Where you studied. Where you moved after graduation. Why you didn't join certain clubs in college. Why you didn't try harder in that one stupid freshman class that was supposed to teach you what to do with the rest of your life and how to write a resume because good lord that would be handy right now. The list goes on.

But as much as the experience can crush you, it can also teach you to build yourself up, keep your options open, and how not to sell yourself short. The key to it all is keeping your cool and remaining confident. I know what you're thinking - "Sure you say that now that you have a job." But I'm serious. Beating yourself down and feeling sorry for yourself won't help you find a job. You have to remember that the right place will want you. You have to ensure you have a good support system to be there for you and keep pushing. Eventually you will find something and maybe it won't be your forever career, but it's a start.

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