Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Make America Great Again

I have been attempting to hold my tongue throughout the majority of this presidential election bologna, but I'm at my whits end with this Trump crap. When he announced his plans to run for president I honestly thought he was joking. And now that I hear people are actually planning to vote for him, I can't imagine what kind of hell this country is about to become knowing that even if he isn't elected we still have people who actually believe in what he has to say.

Let's Talk Wall
Explain to me how building a wall around America is a solution for problems with immigration? Sure, this country may have a problem with illegal immigrants and maybe there is room for reform - but explain to me how building a wall is supposed to be a solution. Oh and not to mention that he wants the president of Mexico to pay for it, and when he refused (uh, duh) Trump exclaimed that it will now be 10 feet higher. So who's paying for this wall now? (careful, your taxes are crying).

And let's be real - people coming into this country from Mexico are not "rapists" as he has proposed. They are people searching for a better life and more opportunities for their families - just as the founders of this nation were at one point in history (btw we are all a product of immigration - SURPRISE). And of course this should be done legally, but that doesn't mean building a wall will make things better. It simply ruins a long standing relationship with our neighboring countries and pisses a lot of people off - so let's not and not even say we did.

Let's Talk Hate
Trump has also expressed his concerns regarding Muslims in America. FYI: Kicking Muslims out of the country will not save our country from terrorism because these people and their religion are not the problem. If anything they are part of the solution because they practice their civil liberties as all of us should be empowered to do. They are our friends, classmates, coworkers, and neighbors practicing a religion they firmly believe in just like the rest of us may freely do.

And for those of you convinced that their holy book the Qur'an expresses oppressing women, violence, or things of that nature - pick up a Bible and I bet you'll find the same things. So let's get one thing straight - Muslims are not the problem, HATE is. And hate is something Donald Trump knows a lot about, and that's not what we need at the helm of this country.

And if targeting a group of people based on religion doesn't ring a bell in your memory of world history - maybe you should read up a little on the Holocaust and see how that worked out because that's about where this country is headed if Trump becomes president. Hail Trump? I think not. 

Let's Talk KKK
Oh, and a little bit of important news - Trump has been endorsed by the KKK and has not condemned them, he simply claimed not to know enough about it to do so. Oh okay... but you still won't condemn their endorsement even though it's the KKK? "I don't know what group you're talking about" (here's the proof, if you really need it). Maybe I should call into question your citizenship, Trump, because you don't know about one of the most infamous racist, radical groups in American history...

Let's Talk Women
Trump also consistently objectifies and belittles women (hence why I'm sad to see so many women blindly support him). He even goes as far to say that rape in the military should basically be expected simply because when you put men and women together that's the only likely product... Yeah, how about men just shouldn't rape women. That would be good.  Don't believe me? No problem, here's the twitter image to prove it.

He tosses around degrading statements about women all the time. Even his running mates have been subject to his distasteful comments that so many of you adore simply because of his lack of political correctness. Sure, there is room to be direct rather than sugar coat, but room to objectify and make hateful comments about women should never be made. But his response to how the media discusses his poor treatment of women would simply be this: "You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass." Explain to me how that makes for a quality president.
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/blogs/550112/donald-trump-quotes.html#C1re2jrvVJHtFd2c.99Explain

And I know what you supporters are going to say.

"It's not all bad." Okay, so you're telling me that the "good" should make up for the bad? Did you not just read those paragraphs above? Any person who would support that crap doesn't make a good president BECAUSE they support it, not because they support other things that might compensate (btw they probably don't).

"At least he tells it like it is." But I've got news for you - there are plenty of jackasses in this world who tell it like it is but that sure as hell doesn't equate to a good president. Political correctness or lack there of does not make a good president - but being a good person just might be important. 

So let's make America great again by NOT voting for this asshole - K thanks, America. You could literally vote for Vermin Supreme (aka the free pony giving, boot-as-hat wearing candidate) and we'd be better off.

Side note: If you need a refresher on how to be a liar, Trump is the perfect source. You can see why by watching this: 

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  1. Dear Gabrielle,

    I read your blog and was delighted to find such a mature analysis.

    As an outsider (citizen from another country), I see the American presidential election apprehensively.

    A wise client of mine once said, "a person is intelligent, but people are dumb." Put intelligent people together and they’ll end up voting for Trump.

    It’s comforting to learn that a young mind like yours is able to identify and criticize irresponsible behaviors in presidential candidates, and to argue in such a mature level.

    I guess America suffers today from the “syndrome of the eldest son”. The new baby was born; the older son is not the center of attention anymore; but he still seeks attention and develops a childish and whiny behavior when he senses he is not the favorite and number one anymore.

    Americans have learned from media that America has to be number one at everything: from the biggest ball of twine in the world to being world champions at NFL (which by the way is weird to the rest of the world, as how can you be world champion if the only country that takes part in the competition is the U.S.?). In a globalized world it is expected that countries reach good development levels and standard of lives as times goes.

    Mr. Trump knows well how to deal with this unconscious behavior and (only God knows why) inferiority complex of the American voters. Today there are more people on the planet, traditional jobs are changing faster to new areas than the capability to move to them, and the wealth now has to be divided with more people: worldwide.
    What Mr. Trump is doing in the U.S. is what Hugo Chaves did in Venezuela, what Lula and the workers party did in Brazil (not to mention Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Mr. and Mrs. de Kirchner in Argentina). This is called populism. A messianic charismatic and monarchical leader appointed by God that will solve all the problems (magically) and lead the country to its rightful place as the leaders, rulers, and owners of the rest of the world. What populist leaders have in common is to define an enemy whom their country has to fight. In Latin America the common enemies are the Americans and the United States. In the United States with Mr. Trump the enemies are the Mexicans. He is not ashamed of saying what everybody should be ashamed of even thinking.

    Now, the U.S. is way too different from those banana republics above. Americans have to rely on the republican institutions, which are solid and strong in the U.S. . There are three branches of government in the U.S. the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Mr. Trump will control one branch. The others, especially the legislature will have to be strong enough to stop any of his nonsense. Voters should be concerned to register to vote in the elections to stop this prank.

    Nonetheless the rest of the world will be watching what happens in the American elections apprehensively. An American president has the potential to do global damage; George Bush Jr. is a living proof of that.

    1. I really appreciate your commentary and I enjoyed reading a non-American perspective on this matter. Thank you for your comments!