Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moments of Weakness

It's the morning after. This is the point where the guilt usually sets in. The point where I start to feel bad about making a decision I know I shouldn't. I lead him out of my room, show him the door, and lock it behind him. The shameful look on my hungover face must paint the story pretty accurately.

We're all human, and we cannot be strong all of the time. We often face moments of weakness and we often make mistakes. And sometimes our mistakes can come at a heavy price for our hearts. We let the wrong people in. We say and do things that we shouldn't. We ignore the warning signs and the red flags. We end up getting hurt even though it could have been easily avoided.

But there is beauty in moments of weakness. Moments of weakness represent times where we ourselves are willing to admit our imperfection through action. We follow our hearts instead of logic. We are willing to accept happiness for a moment, even if it is followed by consistent sadness. It might not make sense, but it isn't supposed to.

I find it most ironic that we even call them moments of "weakness" because of how much they exemplify our strength. It takes a strong person to do what they want to in a single moment, without fearing the repercussions or the regret that might follow. And it takes an even stronger person to admit that it happened. They may display shame on the surface, but deep down they know that moment meant something to them and they needed to do it for themselves.

I'm not saying that doing the "wrong" thing all the time is a good idea. I'm just saying that sometimes its okay to do something that might not be deemed right as long as it feels right. If we constantly lived our lives according to the standards of everyone around us, no one would be happy. Our happiness is defined by our individual needs, not someone else's. Don't let your moments of weakness consume you, but once in a while it's okay to let them take control and learn from whatever lesson it may have to offer you.

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