Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Don't Call It Losing Weight

I know, I know - who wants to hear the skinny bitch talk about weight problems? I can't say I really know how overweight people feel because I've ever really had to experience that, but I do know a thing or two about the importance of a positive body image - no matter what size you are.

I literally hate the terms "losing weight" or "dieting." I actually find them kind of derogatory when I consider the way they can make people think about their bodies or their lifestyles. I always correct people who say "I want to be skinny" or "thin." So if you find yourself saying any of these things - STOP. I will personally hunt you down to stop you if necessary.

Instead of heading straight to what we think our problem areas are and trying to change our bodies, we first need to change our attitude! Having a positive attitude is a crucial component in making a healthy lifestyle change. You need to believe in yourself, and you can't do that if you're constantly being a Negative Nancy.

Start by replacing those negative expressions in your life with a new one. "I want to look healthy, eat healthy, feel healthy, and most of all I want to be confident." The media is constantly surrounding us with ideas of what they think we should look like, and it's time we start taking back control and formulate our own expectations for ourselves instead of letting society do it for us.

We need to start loving the things about ourselves that we can't control. The reality is, no matter how many squats you do, no matter how many miles you run, or weights you lift - you're body is always going to be built in a particular fashion that you have no control over. Eventually you have to accept what biological cards you were dealt and embrace them.

So, stop counting calories and start counting reasons to love yourself the way you are.

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