Thursday, January 29, 2015


I recently started writing a song about patience, and it got me thinking. 

I am not a patient person. I have improved over the years, but I will most likely never say “I’m patient” with 100% confidence. And that's okay, but I think it's important to know when you should really try to be patient.

Throughout these last six months I have discovered things about myself that I never knew simply because I never took the time to be patient. With everyone around me graduating, getting married, having kids it really started to get to me. I felt like my life wasn't moving as quickly as everyone else's. But now that I have taken a step back, I realize that my life doesn't have to move that fast. I can be patient and wait for the right person, the right opportunities, and the right time to do things for myself. I don't have to rush just because everyone else might have it figured out already. 

We have to learn how to be patient. If we spend all our time trying to rush through life, we miss out on important opportunities to learn more about ourselves. What's the point of finding "the one" if we aren't even ready for them because we never took the time to figure out who we are or what we really need? That's pretty unfair to the other person if you seem like you have it all put together when in reality it's only because you never challenged yourself to grow. 

So take your time. Be patient with life and what it has to offer. It's not about how fast you reach the destination, but about all of the things you experience along the way. What kind of conversation can you have with someone when they ask "Who are you?" and the only thing you have to say is "I don't know, I ran so fast that I forgot to figure that out along the way."

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