Monday, January 26, 2015

No Means No

It's not an invitation to try harder. It's not a test of your ability to convince me. It's not a shot at your ego. It's not me just being a tease. It's not a challenge. It's nothing. It's two letters, combined to make a word, that means "not any"; a negative expression to represent the opposite of "yes". So whatever idea that was presented in the question that proceeded it, you can assume at this point that you can't do it. That's kind of the point of the word "no", after all.

So when you come over to my house and I say "I don't want to have sex with you." It does not mean I want to do everything except for sex. It doesn't even mean I want to kiss you. It doesn't mean I want you to list the reasons why I should. It literally means I don't want to have sex, so if you ask I will say no, and if I say no then I mean it (which also means don't ask again - which does not mean to proceed to do it anyways). 

I guess I just don't really understand why this is such a hard concept. The word "no" is even shorter than the word "yes" and should therefore be even easier to comprehend. Hell, if I had said "maybe" I might be able to justify some confusion, but "no"? There's no excuse.

And you can save yourself the trouble of "Oh, come on you know you'd like it" because odds are that won't stop me from kicking you straight into the fetal position. There really is no recovering from blatantly disregarding a woman's "no." You really can't come back from that in my opinion.

Even if a girl brought you back to her house or went back with you to yours, even if she mentioned sex on the walk home or in the text conversation (because we don't booty call anymore - we booty text - even hookups have become lazier). It doesn't matter. I don't care if she screamed yes right up until the moment you tried to touch her. As soon as the word "no" leaves her mouth, she means it. Once the sound of those two letters is ringing in the air, hands off. No means no. 

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